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This Korean Tutor Motivated His Students By Buying Them Prostitutes
MBN’s Shocking Real Life Stories recently told the story of a tutor who brought the grades of his pupils up by promising to bring them to a brothel. The students called the tutor’s room ...
Korean Fans Followed WANNA ONE To Malaysia, And Now Arrested And Detained By Government
Three Koreans were detained in Malaysia for four days, and it’s been revealed that they’re fans of Wanna One. They were visiting Malaysia to attend Wanna One’s fan meeting when they ...
K-Pop Union Reveals Why MBK Has Every Right To Keep T-ARA’s Name
The Union of Korean Pop Culture and Arts has revealed its stance on the MBK Entertainment versus T-ara issue over the rights to their group name, and why MBK Entertainment should be ...
Krystal Reveals How It Felt To Kiss 36 Year Old Actor Park Hae Soo 
Krystal Jung gained a lot of interest for her recent acting project, Prison Playbook, including her mature, intimate scenes with co-actor Park Hae Soo. Over the course of the drama, ...
Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun Shows She Really Doesn’t Give a F*** About What Other People Say
Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun has gained the applause of fans and the public for her confidence in herself and her unwavering personal values. // Recently, she ...