[1Click Scene] You can watch young ChaTaehyun in ‘2Days & 1Night’ 4D movie theater!

kdramayouSeptember 14, 2017Views 33

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  • bry CardSeptember 14, 2017

    Which episode is this?

  • zero chillSeptember 14, 2017

    so I went from watching last year's episodes when donggu was just new to this show and went all the way down to this asap. lol, now he reacts the same way as the whole casts. amazing

  • angel rhadz salemSeptember 14, 2017

    so funny watching 4d.haha
    cha taehyun nothings change

  • ezuka takumiSeptember 14, 2017

    Hahahahahaha..I'm totally insane by those guys ????

  • Steci' RovaSeptember 14, 2017

    Never come this early

  • jing protacioSeptember 14, 2017

    Jung joon young was enjoying!!! Hahahaha this part was so funny!!!!???? nice one 2d1n???

  • Rempari KhiangteSeptember 14, 2017

    I love this so much??

  • MINT BOOGIESeptember 14, 2017

    I cried.Mainly because i have nit watched this show for 2 months.i miss it. i really love it?

  • reyzunaSeptember 14, 2017

    hehehe they cut before kwang soo shows up hahaha

  • mxgirl918September 14, 2017

    Pauses at 1:59 and marvels at how little Cha Tae Hyun has changed even after 2 decades

  • Eleni CSeptember 14, 2017

    I think Joonyoung is enjoying because he find it funny & interesting. Eventhough he has to go through the 'torture', I think he especially enjoyed it more on seeing the other members being tortured. As you all know Joonyoung can tolerate pain quite well (≧▽≦)

  • JustPeaachySeptember 14, 2017

    so when do we start kink shaming joonyoung for enjoying the movie too much?

  • Blaze BoySeptember 14, 2017

    He looks exactly the same 20 years ago ?

  • Madel FraneSeptember 14, 2017

    cha taehyun

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