A 12-year-old boy sleeps at 2 AM due to his sisters’ chores! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]


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44 thoughts on “A 12-year-old boy sleeps at 2 AM due to his sisters’ chores! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]”

  1. I don't understand how this is funny, the pore baby works all day and night and there laughing???
    It's like they don't care plus I don't believe what some of the sisters are saying mostly the the biggest because older siblings lie about every single thing from my experience ☹️☹️ and he's embarrassed

  2. (Haven't watched vid) but oops I'm 12 in America but I sleep at like 1? I have a bunch of friends that sleep late too…. (watched) oml he's way cuter-acting than me?and if that was me I would probably have done something about it earlier

  3. U girls made me mad I wish I was there to tell ya that ya are so mean and u do it yourself leave the kid alone that it doesn't seem he tells ya to do this and this so stop being so lazy ass bitches

  4. So relatable!! I have to do everything single thing for my poopin sister and get nothing of it, she can't take no for an answer and gets mad. She hits me like a lot, once she hit my head and it was bleeding, I still care about her but gosh and my little sister is just spoiled

  5. Oh dear he's so young he thinks panty hose are a feminine product no can they order their cousin /little brother around so much. Like if they were younger I could understand a one off get me that can you or a go buy this but not to such an extreme

  6. Lol everyone in the comments (lol, okay maybe not everyone but the comments I read) are pissed at the sister and cousins, but doesn't anyone understand that there is a big change he is exagerating? I mean my little brother does that all the time, even though it isn't true. And so did I when I was younger. Btw excuse me if my laguage isn't right, English isn't my first laguage.

  7. They were annoying as fuck but they were laughing nervously becuase being exposed on television is probably a pretty terrible feeling. Glad this cinnamon roll got some revenge though and hopefully life is better for them all now!

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