Daebak’s sister Jaeah pulls out her loose tooth! [The Return of Superman / 2017.09.03]

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  • Mina Nicka Nicole EndozoSeptember 15, 2017

    When is Sian's birthday??

  • Pia IsthebestSeptember 15, 2017

    They're so cute!!! I love how Sian put his toy in his luggage and their goodbyes ♥

  • Pia IsthebestSeptember 15, 2017

    I feel like they should show more of Jaesi, with Jaeah getting screen time for her tennis~

  • Sky LSeptember 15, 2017

    I love them , and the dad is good person and father..hope he play well ❤️

  • Jea PagunsanSeptember 15, 2017

    What's the song used in 14:21 ?

  • upondliteSeptember 15, 2017

    Some may complain that dongguk plays to many tricks with sian but it's really the best moments sian could have as a kid. I like that dongguk is so close with his kids and goofs around with them. There are some dads that don't even use their energy to spend time with their kids.

  • Jilyan ManaloSeptember 15, 2017

    I love the voice message. It's the sweetest thing. ?

  • Christine TanSeptember 15, 2017

    What EP is this ????

  • Paige IngSeptember 15, 2017

    14:09 what song

  • Nanu NanaSeptember 15, 2017

    The person who's driving looks like dong gook .is it his brother ?? ???

  • Helwa MohamadSeptember 15, 2017

    That impersanation of miracle of cell 7 father ??

  • speak my name jennieSeptember 15, 2017

    To understand why Jaesi and Jaea appear rarely in the show, you must go back to the whole point and goal of Return of Superman. The dads in the show are supposed to be left for 48 hours with their kids, which is the challenge and again, whole point of this show. The older twins are already 10 years old. If they appear all the time, it would be easier for Donggok since they would be helpig him take care of the other three. If you've watched all their episodes, you'll notice the the older twins appear whenever Donggook isn't around (at first, at least). Examples are when they picked him up from the airport, watch his matches, surprise him for his birthday, etc., and this is because the older twins are the ones who are taking care of the younger siblings. Also, like a lot of what people here said, they are 10-year olds that do not only have school, they also have training for tennis (not sure if Jaesi plays too).

    Another point, those who say Donggook only has attention for Sian clearly haven't watched ALL their episodes and are just to quick to judge from a short clip. So here, let me tell you. According to Donggook, the reason why he agreed to be in the show is because he felt sorry for the younger twins and Sian. He explained that when Jaesi and Jaea were younger, he got to spend a lot of time with them, of course because they were his only children back then. But when the Seola and Sua were born, Sian was born soon after, making Donggok spend less time with Seola and Sua, which again, he felt sorry for and wanted make up to them by spending time with them through is show. It was even revealed in an episode that Seola had to stay with Donggook's parents because it was difficult to look after them all at that time.

    Sorry for the long comment, I love this family so much and I just want to clear all misunderstandings as much as I can. Also, I'm tired of those hating on and judging Donggook being a prankster, having favoritism, etc. I just hope they stay on the show for a long time!

  • Bangtan Is LifeSeptember 15, 2017

    How old are Jaesi and Jaea?

  • Maria ReginaSeptember 15, 2017

    Sian's voice message made me cry :'')

  • arya 22September 15, 2017

    we are all around the world, love KOREA and K-POP

  • Lady ManduSeptember 15, 2017

    They are so cuteeee….

  • nochu jungcookSeptember 15, 2017

    what a beautiful family.. kids were raised well especially the older sisters!

  • SanaSeptember 15, 2017

    They do Daebak so wrong lmaoooo

  • Chyness ZanouhSeptember 15, 2017

    I just wanted to say that South Korea is qualified for the mondial ! Fighting Dong gook appa ! Himneseyo

  • Ell YoungSeptember 15, 2017

    Lee donggook… the family man and lovely appa. Love to watching him and his kids, so adorable esp Sian ???

  • Nur Yance SusteriaSeptember 15, 2017

    I'm Indonesian,it turns out the same way to pull my teeth.i used to be in Elementary School,my mom pull my teeth with use threads.

  • Moody HSeptember 15, 2017

    Do jessi and jaea go to regular school where there athlets or are they both athletes who attend a special school

  • byoutifullySeptember 15, 2017

    I love it so much when all five siblings are together.

  • Elisabeth MagdalenaSeptember 15, 2017

    sian: appa saranghaeyo
    appa I miss you

    me: teary

  • How About NoSeptember 15, 2017

    I like Jaea and Jaesi. I love their skin color. I love their simplicity. They're both pretty.

  • wweashley18September 15, 2017

    Daebak is so smart; he knows when something is wrong. Plus he is so stinkin precious

  • twilightanimefanSeptember 15, 2017

    I miss the girls! So glad to see them again

  • GOT SEVEN TEENSeptember 15, 2017

    Is Jaea and Jessi hair is all natural ?

  • Nocturnal LionSeptember 15, 2017

    Isn't it weird that everday a crew comes into your house and just records every single moment like wtf.

  • Rah AeiouSeptember 15, 2017

    I really love this Fam ??

  • Jordan Denzel AnthonySeptember 15, 2017

    Huahahahahaha ??????????????

  • ade rahmaSeptember 15, 2017

    This is touching ;;;;;;;; Sian misses his dad 3secs separating

  • pototo pototoSeptember 15, 2017

    My tooth fell out while watching this

  • angel rukawaSeptember 15, 2017

    i love it when the 5 siblings are all together.they're so fun to watch? also congrats to donggook and korea for qualifying in the world cup!

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