Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 [ENG / 2017.09.02]

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  • Ex HeroSeptember 17, 2017

    Who is Wu Euongjae I can tell that their parodying a rapper but can't find anything about them, is the english sub just wrong on the spelling? The part was hilarious, I loved when they Parodied 'Mad Clowns – Crazy in love' and fell in love with the song when I looked it up and want to do the same here. Help please! <3

  • 10 watterSeptember 17, 2017

    아무말 대잔치는 제발 내려라.막 내려라 유치해.

  • 개콘 is Not funny anymore…too bad…

  • 엑소 4LifeSeptember 17, 2017

    i miss lee sang hun!

  • 10 watterSeptember 17, 2017

    old people come out getting better

  • cindy soldoutSeptember 17, 2017


  • Yoohniczxe HorvejkulSeptember 17, 2017

    I love all the skits! Gag Con fighting~!

  • B.Ho7September 17, 2017

    When he parody WonJae from Show me the Money, I laughed, HAHAHA

  • Cl SSeptember 17, 2017

    WOW I did not recognize Park Sora at first with that wig on!!

  • Angeline IzumiSeptember 17, 2017

    Im so happy to see the old comedian are back !!!!
    It will be perfect if Junhyeon and Junho in it !!!

  • lorna gonzalesSeptember 17, 2017

    Why say something festival and meonghun was short skit would u mind to Make Little bit long Thanx!!!

  • Gavyn KingsleySeptember 17, 2017


  • Zee Abou BakrSeptember 17, 2017

    I saw Isadora in the audience!

  • space._.bunniesSeptember 17, 2017

    i hope yumi's wearing cold packs underneath that body suit in the first skit lmaoo its sweaty asf
    43:40 trying not to break character??

  • seina hlychhoSeptember 17, 2017

    myeonghun, say anything festival, that's okay are my favorite

  • Roel BautistaSeptember 17, 2017

    Where's Super Fatty Man?! I guess Zero-X finally won. ? please Gag Con, bring him back!

  • Aysea EvrulSeptember 17, 2017

    Gags concert is getting better like old time… ????

  • StrongpowerthankyouSeptember 17, 2017

    But the real question is why are there no Korean comments?

  • stewartthehumanSeptember 17, 2017

    I love the new theatre sketch.

  • Nothing OriginalSeptember 17, 2017

    Myeonghun skit is my favourite XD "Can just one of you talk?"

  • Andy &DSeptember 17, 2017

    Haha! Say Anything Festival! Best!

  • James RawlinsSeptember 17, 2017

    Yumi – Hyori; yes I can clearly see they have the exact same problems… Btw, what happened to Super Fatman?

  • ForTaxReasonsSeptember 17, 2017

    I love Kim Jimin so much omg

  • ForTaxReasonsSeptember 17, 2017

    54:06 "oho so you can hear" cracks me up every time

  • Alejandro FigueroaSeptember 17, 2017

    0:00 Come Back, Yumi | 5:11 Say Anything Festival | 9:12 Myeonghun, Myeonghun, Myeonghun | 12:32 We Need to Talk 1987 (skip the intro to 13:06, if U wish) | 22:05 My Mother-in-law-is Strange | 27:01 Quiz Cafe | 33:05 Extreme Theatre Troupe (new skit) | 39:16 Idiotic Robot | 44:37 Acting Idols | 50:25 That's Okay, That's Okay | 53:30 Blushing Old Age | 58:46 Bonsunga School

  • ForTaxReasonsSeptember 17, 2017

    The mother in law 22:46 lowkey looks like Lee Jun Ki tho ?

  • ForTaxReasonsSeptember 17, 2017

    The funniest part of Say Anything Festival to me is those toy horses on their shoulders istg I keep cracking up just looking at them they're so cute and random

    EDIT: I just realized they're a fucking pun because words/say and horse in Korean are homophones (mal) so they have literally any words/ any horse on their shoulder and now I'm laughing even more ok brb ded

  • ForTaxReasonsSeptember 17, 2017

    6:15 legit thought that was Kim Heechul in 2006 for a split second omg

  • ForTaxReasonsSeptember 17, 2017

    The guy in the first skit reminds me of both Cha Hakyeon and Joo Won does anyone else feel that way or am I being weird

  • Noona RJSeptember 17, 2017

    Best day of the week when Gag concert is on!

  • StrongpowerthankyouSeptember 17, 2017

    I wanna thank Gag con so much. They put so much hard work in it. Thank you for everything Gag Con! ❤️❤️

  • madeeha khanSeptember 17, 2017

    Oh shit Minsung the pressure ??

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