Junho acts aggressively to Ambassador from Great Britain! [2 Days & 1 Night – Season 3 / 2017.09.10]


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50 thoughts on “Junho acts aggressively to Ambassador from Great Britain! [2 Days & 1 Night – Season 3 / 2017.09.10]”

  1. "More, more, say moree!" "Transformer & Relay" 😂😂
    I have a good laugh😂
    Mr Ambassador is a wonderful host as well.
    "We'll have a cup of tea. It's a very British thing to do" 😂

  2. I feel like ambassador likes jongmin since he is a "enjoy stupid" 😂😂 I must say British ambassador tried very hard to understand their english.
    I cried when Junho said " thank you very MACHI" n transformer.. 😂😂

  3. Another British thing to do would be to introduce them to Cricket & then once they learn it lose to them something that the England team has done a lot.
    11:29 this is why I don't like KBS World's English subtitles. Even the spoken English was inaccurate in the subtitles. Then there are other instances in this show & other shows (including dramas) where even names are mentioned wrong in the subtitles & many other things. I wish people preparing subs for KBS World would rather try to do accurate word to word translations for the subs even if it seems a little different coz it'll even help many fans to learn Korean just through the subs as it'd represent accurate translations including words like "hyeong, nuna, etc." being shown as it is. For example, in the beginning it was really difficult to understand why some words like "oppa" means so many different names in Korean or why they always talk about dollars & even cents but never wons in their shows & dramas. I don't think KBS World's most viewers are all in US but probably most of them are from other countries where American English is not the standard English so Americanised subs aren't useful & some things just can't be translated in English like different names of relations or money (₩ to $ exchange rate isn't ₩1000=$1), so they should be as it is allowing viewers to learn those things about Korea.

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