K-Pop Union Reveals Why MBK Has Every Right To Keep T-ARA’s Name

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The Union of Korean Pop Culture and Arts has revealed its stance on the MBK Entertainment versus T-ara issue over the rights to their group name, and why MBK Entertainment should be allowed to keep the name.

The primary reason is that MBK Entertainment heavily invested resources into the production and maintenance of the group.

“MBK has spent lots of time and effort in the creation, production, and preparation of T-ara, as well as invested a lot into the group to provide them with promotions and increase their popularity.

The agency should be recognized as the producer and creator of T-ara.

With this, the creator should be able to claim ownership of their creation, and they have the right to protect their creation.”

— Union of Korean Pop Culture and Arts

The union reaffirmed that ownership of the name lies with the people who created and produced T-ara, which in this case is Kim Kwang Soo and MBK Entertainment.

“Ownership of the group and group name belongs with the people that produced, planned, discovered, and operated them. We firmly believe that these rights should be protected.”

— Union of Korean Pop Culture and Arts

Finally, the Union mentioned they disapprove of actions by artists that can damage the reputation, rights, and property of an agency with ownership rights.

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