My husband constantly gropes me in front of our kids! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]


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34 thoughts on “My husband constantly gropes me in front of our kids! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]”

  1. Fucking pervert. So sad for the wife. Sex should be a consensual and intimate thing between two people who love and respect each other. Why do people think it's ok to force? Most likely it won't even be that good if the partner is feeling like a prostitute rather than person you love. In front of the children is especially wrong.

  2. This husband sucks ass. My ex used to be like this with me. If I refused sex (which we had daily, sometimes twice a day), he would whine, complain, and demand to know why. I started avoiding dates at his place or mine because I knew it would just end in sex. Eventually, sex became a chore and something to finish so he could leave me alone. He only wanted me for sex, so I dumped him.

  3. I faced a similar situation when I was younger, I had parents who both had a sex addiction, cheated on each other often and once they split it continued and is still prevalent today. Being exposed to sex at a young age was mentally scarring for me, I learnt about things earlier and it also made me experiment much younger than others. Now, I find it hard to genuinely love someone and most of my relationships end because I cannot invest proper affection. These kids remind me of myself, I can only hope that the mother see's how unhealthy the relationship with her husband is and how these small abusive exposures can cause an everlasting impact on her young children.

  4. What's really sad is that there are many other cases of this happening in families…
    My father is just like that, he is selfish and acts as if the world revolves around him.
    My mother is putting up with this because I have siblings..
    But everyday can be tiring with my father getting angry when we express our opinions over anything..he yells that we always argue with him and that we ruined his mood.. in reality he was the one to force himself onto us (emotionally, and for my mother physically touching her and grabbing the back of her neck, etc.) The profound part is that after he grabs my mother she says that her neck/shoulder, etc is in pain..and for him to stop—my father gets angry with my mother and says that he won't touch her at all (he is acting as the victim and my mom has to apologize).. I wish that he would understand, we try to explain but he refuses to truly listen to what we are saying and so he remains in his selfish ways

  5. She works too, then comes home cleans, cooks and takes care of kids plus has to put up with her own husband abusing her verbally and sexually and somehow he is the one who is feeling not appreciated?! F* that abusive selfish bastard

  6. O my god, when I first started watching this I thought it was going to be like that last issue where the women get groping her husband, only difference she did out of love and affection and he didn't mind all that much he said he even kinda enjoyed it. But wow this concern it was too much. I feel sorry for her, she's just like his sex toy.

  7. They should see some professional for this before it escalates. Because my father was the same and my mom put up with him for 25 whole years before filing a domestic violence case against him. I'm so glad that she now has got out of that torturous, toxic marriage. People forget that marital rape is still RAPE!!!

  8. I thought he was being affectionate because of love but I think he is using sex to relieve stress. Maybe he feels unloved but both of them are busy. I think some of this comes from people having to work such long hours at work and it might have to do with his personality.

  9. I feel like this is borderline rape. It doesn't seem like she wants to do it no matter if she puts up a fight or not. In the beginning it was just a bit embarrassing to watch but now I really feel as if this isn't right.

    Edit: Also doing it everyday or wanting to, is seriously not right

  10. The fact that he's sometimes overly affectionate, but not out of actual love, and that he yells at his kids and wife a lot, and that he often does stuff without her consent and uses the excuse of "we're married", seems like signs of an abuser

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