Please help my boyfriend get rid of his obsession! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]


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26 thoughts on “Please help my boyfriend get rid of his obsession! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]”

  1. My boyfriend does the same things. He always thinks I'm cheating on him, calling me all the time and texting me and if can't answer back in the same minute than he thinks I'm cheating ????

  2. Wow what did puberty do to euiwoong
    His visual really improved so much omg
    And he is less shy and more open and talks more with less prompts! Greattt

  3. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. If you don't have that then many problems will come from it. Honestly, if my man was that suspicious and disbelieving of me I would get rid of him almost immediately. Him not believing in me is a huge insult to myself and is really unhealthy. Sorry if this sounds brutal, but I won't go along with having to prove that I'm telling the truth. Its either you trust me or you don't. And if you don't well then don't complain when I leave you.

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