Practicing new choreography for the drama (feat.Girl Group Workaholics) [ENG/中文字幕/IDOT Ep.3]


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33 thoughts on “Practicing new choreography for the drama (feat.Girl Group Workaholics) [ENG/中文字幕/IDOT Ep.3]”

  1. If you asked about where somi and sohye are… If you watch the drama, the two of them got eliminated in a survival show they are in and chose this 5 girls to debut with this song as their debut song…

  2. I love all of these girls and I love seeing them all shine but why does Moonbyul get zero attention. She basically had even the hardest moves down from the start and yet she gets no screen time.

  3. Not surprising, especially if you're trained to dancing everyday, the moves will come easy to you ^^ these girls went through so much trainings that dancing comes easy as breathing! They're amazing

  4. They were literally just staring at the screen and learned most of it..?? like was it even mirrored?? I have a really hard time learning choreographies unless someone is there to break it down for me :/

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