Sam & William have fun at Comic Con Seoul! (feat. Steven Yeun) [TROS / 2017.09.10]


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50 thoughts on “Sam & William have fun at Comic Con Seoul! (feat. Steven Yeun) [TROS / 2017.09.10]”

  1. I don't know about you all but I just love to watch William experience things for the first time. His little face just gives me so much hope. I also screamed when he tried to eat that dog treat.

  2. Wait WTF?! I didn't remember Gaji have a cone on its head the first 5 times I watched this a week ago… how did it get a cone now? I don't want to pull a mandela effect conspiracy but dayum dats wierd?

  3. 14:33 Mads Mikkelsen은 덴마크 사람입니다. 덴마크 어로 Mads는 '마스'라고 발음돼요. 그래서 '마스 미켈센'이라고 표기해야 합니다. 영어의 mad가 아니고, ds라서 '즈'라고 발음되는거 아니에요. 영어 아니고 덴마크어 입니다

  4. this is so cute, Sam an australian ( please correct me if im wrong) always talk in korean and Steven Yeun which is korean( please correct me if im wrong always talk in english…
    i find it so amazing… hahaha
    how lucky steven is to carry william… haha❤❤

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