Seungjae X KimJongmin, first shower together ends in disaster! [The Return of Superman / 2017.09.03]

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  • Ma.Crystal MorilloSeptember 15, 2017

    I don't know who he is but I think in the future he will be a good father and a great husband. Love from Philippines ❤

  • violetguitar 000September 15, 2017

    I love you seungjae ??

  • AtmaRameli xDSeptember 15, 2017



  • Linh LingSeptember 15, 2017

    sinba samchon LOL

  • Hazel KobayashiSeptember 15, 2017


  • BTS' Next Level ChurrosSeptember 15, 2017

    The song "Close to You" ?

  • kariyoredjo riniSeptember 15, 2017

    I hope he will visit Sung Jae again soon?????

  • maya angrianiSeptember 15, 2017

    Jongmin ❤ Hope next jungjoonyoung, kim junho, cha taehyun, and defcon ???

  • maya angrianiSeptember 15, 2017

    The way sungjae explained what should we eat in the season is really Daebak! He's really smart and cute.

  • Wena NatsuSeptember 15, 2017


  • Wanita DeevillaSeptember 15, 2017

    Ahahaha cute seungjae

  • Czakhareina ReyesSeptember 15, 2017

    I want jongmin to get married already. Then join Na PD's newly wed diary… then get pregnant after 9 months and join this show…
    He totally looks to be an awesome hubby and daddy…

  • Putri RizkaSeptember 15, 2017

    Cheerfools start his appa chance lol

  • Anh NguyễnSeptember 15, 2017

    Jongminssi, why are you so cute? I love watching you in 2D1N and now you're here. Next time you attend this show, please be with your own family.

  • katie kawaiiSeptember 15, 2017

    I can't handle how smart this kid is. And I think he's even smarter than he lets on.

  • johanusSeptember 15, 2017

    Man, after this I really am rooting for JongMin to find someone great (if he already hasn't) and be able to have a family. He's such a stand up guy!!!

    They cut his segment so short, especially at the end, but I still teared up when he talked about his family. ???

  • BTS _GOT7September 15, 2017

    It weird seeing him here. He will be a got dad but he belong in 2d1n.

  • Basyirah ZulkifliSeptember 15, 2017

    Kim jong minnnnnnnnn sarangae

  • Born to slaySeptember 15, 2017

    My mom and dad will kill me if i did any of that

  • Nino CalluengSeptember 15, 2017

    jong min is the best..

  • Kare BallseySeptember 15, 2017

    What episode is the last bit btw….

  • •AROHA• ASTROSeptember 15, 2017

    Haha i love this

  • Bake KangSeptember 15, 2017

    normally l skip when it is not leedongguk's scenes but when l saw kim jong min, watched it… & that 2d1n epi still makes me cry ♥️

  • TrinNguyenSeptember 15, 2017

    Jongmin ah, get married quickly and have many kids. I know you'll be a great dad ?

  • zi ziSeptember 15, 2017

    he has such a warm heart, beautiful soul, and a 'never-fade-smile' ….

  • BOOM_Girl_ 123September 15, 2017

    At 12:52 who was that? Hojin? Ilyong? Member?

  • Queen KSeptember 15, 2017

    Why am i imagining eun jiwon taking care of seungjae

  • Nayun AsahinaSeptember 15, 2017

    "I want to be around my kids for a long time"


  • hey its lifeSeptember 15, 2017

    That flustered look on Jongmin's face when Sungjae asked him to wash up too ?? luckily Sungjae wasn't persistent ???

  • VarusX Make-kunSeptember 15, 2017

    What's the title of the music at 12:07

  • deerseokzSeptember 15, 2017

    hehe as expected seungjae hangs out w people older than him well!

  • soonyoung kwonSeptember 15, 2017

    They used the heartstrings ost omg!!!!!

  • TaeTae RyuSeptember 15, 2017

    Kim Jongmin! Please get married and have a kids, palli! So that you can join RoS too! ? oh but wait, he need a girlfriend first! ?

  • BlackHeart71September 15, 2017

    The music from "Chief Kim"  and Kim JongMin´s fight with our cutie ♥♥♥

  • binomialnomenklaturSeptember 15, 2017

    Aigooo I hope jongmin will find his other half soon and live happily with his children

  • AisyaZurina84September 15, 2017

    Seungjae n jongmin.. my two fav

  • Lyla ManangdangSeptember 15, 2017

    I love this duo, they are completely blend the smart child n the funny Kim Jongmin

  • EonnieSeptember 15, 2017

    Jongmin sought Cha Taehyun's help in the next episode ahahah

  • windy windySeptember 15, 2017

    jongmin should get married soon ?

  • Anna SawyerSeptember 15, 2017

    My hear melted at the way he smiled at Seungjae at 00:31 and it was so adorable. You can see that he finds Seungjae adorable

  • CrypticSprite RSeptember 15, 2017

    That ending made me cry. He's gonna be such a good dad!!

  • Juchille Jae EltanalSeptember 15, 2017

    What's with the classical music again when Seungjae is at the dentist

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