SHINee Taemin had his pants ripped while dancing to ‘Sherlock’! [Happy Together / 2017.09.07]

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  • taki drakSeptember 10, 2017

    Whoa, is this Star Golden Bell?! I thought they're not doing it anymore

  • June JulySeptember 10, 2017

    Taemin's smile is so beautiful?

  • Mayoochez SparkSeptember 10, 2017

    the fact that jongin already started laughing even before taemin told the story really says something about their relationship

  • EnaditsSeptember 10, 2017

    Omg the orange haired guy is so witty for a rookie, I like him. Will go check him out immediately

  • Maryam EXOLSeptember 10, 2017

    My baby NINI BEAR KAI ?? we didn't know about that he must be soo scared awww my baby I feel bad for him

  • ZeeZSeptember 10, 2017

    Woosung! You are great, man! Keep it rocking!

    Snuper, fighting!

  • Bie BieSeptember 10, 2017

    who is orange hair guy

  • VeritySeptember 10, 2017

    Orange haired guy was funny as haha

  • Animekpop11September 10, 2017

    Wooseong is doing such a great job premoting Snuper. Snuper is a really great and talented kpop band. I think it is nice how Wooseong is showing an amazing side to Snuper. Please love Snuper and support them with all your heart!

  • haSungWoonIe naWaSeptember 10, 2017

    Ma babe Woosung, good job, i'm proud ♡

  • OhioSeptember 10, 2017


  • Nikitha DatlaSeptember 10, 2017

    4:37 baby SHINee to the left aww

  • Suriani SihotangSeptember 10, 2017

    Taemin and his pants ? familiar story for Shawol

  • I'm worldwideu handsomeSeptember 10, 2017

    "All publicity is good publicity" wahhh ?? this kid. I can't nsksjksksl

  • Cookie May MonsterSeptember 10, 2017

    "your honor" lol

  • Mel KSeptember 10, 2017


  • June ChuaSeptember 10, 2017

    Woosung steal the show! He's really comical ! Poor Taemin when Kai laugh so hard at him!??

  • Ema EmaSeptember 10, 2017

    the lady that filmed whilst giving birth is a fucking hero

  • Random KpopARMY :3September 10, 2017


  • Dekayla PollardSeptember 10, 2017

    8:48 why yerin look like she got a whole attitude…

  • Katherine SSeptember 10, 2017

    but like… where are those movie scenes from? i saw Eddie Murphy in it & I want to watch it now

  • Caia SandySeptember 10, 2017

    That snuper guy really cracked me up ???

  • chim chimSeptember 10, 2017


  • SHINee PINeeSeptember 10, 2017

    woahhhh 10years

  • Natz GabuyoSeptember 10, 2017

    I wasn't shocked with Taemin's story but I was shocked and scared with Kai's story

  • Raya HazyhilaSeptember 10, 2017

    hearing debut food story from kai makes me worried about nct now. seems like even rookies from big company doesnt get to eat much.
    hope it changes with nct now..

  • FT DishaSeptember 10, 2017

    Aww poor Taem!! ??????

  • Abbygail MendozaSeptember 10, 2017

    Kai laughing even before Taemin could tell his story. Friendship like that is precious.

  • ShineepotaepoSeptember 10, 2017

    Taemin is so cute, I love his personality <3

  • SJ AhjussiSeptember 10, 2017

    Yunho to Taemin. Who's next? ?

  • Riva JavierSeptember 10, 2017

    what episode is this?

  • Alina GreySeptember 10, 2017

    jongin laughing at taemin was precious

  • Su Myat NweSeptember 10, 2017

    Kai look so cute ???

  • Just meSeptember 10, 2017

    HAHAHAH never forget this moment

  • CookieCrumblerSeptember 10, 2017

    They complain so much about Wooyoung (Woosung?) but he's really funny and fresh in the way he talks

  • dirkswish31September 10, 2017

    4:31 Min Kyung Hoon

  • momiji loverSeptember 10, 2017

    Everytime seonho speaks I groan. :/ He's not funny or interesting at all.

  • SHINeexokpopSeptember 10, 2017

    Shawols be like:
    sees title
    Not even suprised

  • Keysya NaftalenaSeptember 10, 2017

    omg did they really say "wuseong,your group is small" it's so cruel hey eventhought it's a variety show but-..

  • ahsoung baobeiSeptember 10, 2017

    Poor Kai and other EXO members, they much suffered many hardship until they become super famous. But people be like "they are famous because they come from a big company". I hate it when people only see the bright side of being in a big company, but they never thought how hard to debut in a big company 🙁

  • Korean loveSeptember 10, 2017

    Lol kai started laughing♥ poor taemin♥

  • Keerthana YaramalaSeptember 10, 2017

    Ahh Lee Taemin

  • crossfiresSeptember 10, 2017

    jesus… the magic guy's accident. it sounds horrific. i'm glad he was able to recover and even get back to doing that trick. that takes so much dedication and willpower.

  • gabriellehaoSeptember 10, 2017

    Lmao that moment on KBS year end program, Taemin's not gonna forget about it forever

  • Kim baekSeptember 10, 2017

    Poor Kai?? I bet he could buy a tuna restaurant ???

  • LuminSeptember 10, 2017

    that baby vox story was literally funny and the announcer hahahahaha

  • Hylan EricSeptember 10, 2017

    the stories them tell was scary to hear

  • shel.bzzzSeptember 10, 2017

    I remember streaming the Sherlock performance and seeing it happen live haha
    Forever a Shawol ^^

  • Seventeen is my BIASSeptember 10, 2017

    Not a big fan of Snuper, but I'm that he's invited to a famous programme, which means he can get more recognition through this. ( N also Dayoung from WJSN!!)

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