Sudden situation! Seojun is crying… What happened!? [The Return of Superman / 2017.09.03]

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  • deerlikelySeptember 15, 2017

    Hmm, kind of wish that KBS had titled this segment differently and used a different screencap, because imo the real highlight of this Seoeon-Seojun-Daddy Hwijae segment is the twins finding and conscientiously returning the lost mobile. Using a shot of Seojun crying feels like clickbait, you know? (Plus that moment is like a minute out of a 16 minute clip.)

    But anyway, that's just a minor quibble. It's a very good segment that highlights how well the twins are growing up (from how honest they are, to how quickly they make up when they have small misunderstandings).

  • frenzy4 evaSeptember 15, 2017

    Such sweet kids these two. I feel proud watching them. So smart! Good job Lee Hwijae & his wife

  • fitriana lestariSeptember 15, 2017

    why seojun not calling seo eon hyung again???I miss when seojun say hyung..TT.TT

  • Abigail SeblosSeptember 15, 2017

    I'm so proud of them!!!!!

  • Celine TanSeptember 15, 2017

    Am i the only one who thinks that the dads on the show only let them out cos they know that there's cameraman following them unless its a uncle special

  • A girl that has JamsSeptember 15, 2017

    Seojun is such an angel. He doesn't want his dad to het hurt

  • Sakura MoonSeptember 15, 2017

    Seojun is so freaking cute.

  • jhen x justineSeptember 15, 2017

    amazing twins….

  • Suzy JacksonSeptember 15, 2017

    hahaha omg i was expecting a celebrity to be the owner of the phone, thought it was a set up xD

  • ARMY in the HouseSeptember 15, 2017

    The boys are so smart ?

  • michy mouseuSeptember 15, 2017

    The twins are so smart!

  • Noee NoeSeptember 15, 2017

    i love soejun ???

  • Khai IratSeptember 15, 2017

    Let them meet youngmin and kwangmin boyfriend (jo twin) please

  • Yaroslav IvanovSeptember 15, 2017

    █▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ➨

  • Panda PinkSeptember 15, 2017

    Lee Seoeon youuu. Such an adorable kid. Esp when he danced hahaha and Seojun danced with him! Hahaha. Cuties. They even know how to return back the cellphone to its rightful owner. Awe. So cute. And smart. Their parents did great raising them up. Lee Hwijae and fam jjang! Love the twins so much ❤

  • Nona fierceSeptember 15, 2017

    You are the role model, Hwijae.
    You are my fave Superman Dan 🙂

  • iaincheaSeptember 15, 2017

    Seojun is so caring for his father omg ❤️❤️

  • Pao HdzSeptember 15, 2017


  • Dwi PujiastutiSeptember 15, 2017

    seoeon look like mini hwijae lol XD

  • Annisa Tania AndrianSeptember 15, 2017

    Hwi Jae appa and his wife must be very proud of their twins. They got a good heart and brave. And me too so proud of them. I think i will gonna be like hwi jae appa if i have childrens

  • Cris MinasSeptember 15, 2017

    ilove your family lee twins..

  • Genelle GaonaSeptember 15, 2017

    Amo la manera en la que ambos Hwijae y su esposa han criado a estos pequeños a la edad que tienen y ya saben muchas cosas y ayudando a su projimo❤

  • inspirit csySeptember 15, 2017

    These kids are so funny ?? yet so clever! I don't think during my age I can do just like what they did. Forever my favourite twins???

  • RigoFXSeptember 15, 2017

    Let's dance with the twins! Ajija ajija ajija ajija!

  • jiyongtrash_vip BIGBANGSeptember 15, 2017

    wow.he must be so proud of the boys.i know iam. cant belive they grown so much.

  • Zaynab BhujooSeptember 15, 2017

    Seoeun is so handsome !

  • Joan ChanSeptember 15, 2017

    It's seoeon

  • Novia Rochmawati JoeharySeptember 15, 2017

    Ya allah mereka pintar dan baik sekali. Semoga anakku jadi seperti itu

  • Eunice JimenezSeptember 15, 2017

    I'm so proud of these two ❤

  • cardboardclubSeptember 15, 2017

    Their smiles at the end was like pure happiness

  • taehyung's girlfriendSeptember 15, 2017

    God hear their prayer ?? this is so beautiful…

  • Marina SacmarSeptember 15, 2017

    My stomach hurts cause of laughter haha the twins are so cute , great job kids for returning the phone to the owner ??

  • Iamqiqo QiqornSeptember 15, 2017

    They're my moodbooster??

  • Iamqiqo QiqornSeptember 15, 2017

    Hahahahahahaha seoeon ?????

  • marj caorteSeptember 15, 2017

    My kind of stress reliever. <3 I will never get tired watching their show over and over again. 🙂 God bless Seoeon and Seojun :*

  • Luisa M.September 15, 2017

    4:25 me in school
    Me in life
    Me in everything

  • Emujin ZolbayarSeptember 15, 2017

    I just realized they don't have to wear backpacks anymore

  • KwonJungringSeptember 15, 2017

    i hope they're not going to leave the show T_T

  • Elisabeth MagdalenaSeptember 15, 2017

    I might be totally confuse too, if someone like the twins pick up & answer my phone like that
    man: where are you?
    twin: sofa
    me: is it some kind of prank ??

  • MoonchildSeptember 15, 2017

    seoeon : i'm not going to you anymore
    seojun : i know that's a lie.
    aww how cute 🙂

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