The father doesn’t understand why women spend money! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.11]

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  • Vy PhamSeptember 23, 2017

    I love Hello Counselor since it gives me chances to know that there are a lot of ridiculous people in this world. Some cases are even unbelievable :)))

  • TaehSeptember 23, 2017

    why does the son still live with his parents? hes over 30! married and is expecting a baby. he needs to have his own home/house

  • xSkyblossomxSeptember 23, 2017

    What's the maximum number of votes one concern can get?

  • angeleden93September 23, 2017

    the husband is sulking.. he hasnt matured.. wow

  • yixing dimples is so cuteSeptember 23, 2017

    "…and I am organized too" and I believe this is scripted too, Daniel 😂

  • nyaanyaa55September 23, 2017

    Meanwhile Minhyun looking like an uncomfortable puppy lol

  • Mr.Worlwide HandsomeSeptember 23, 2017

    After seeing this father, I realized how perfect my dad is. Love you dad 💖

  • i stan talent onlySeptember 23, 2017

    I think this guy is the reason why feminist exist. WOMEN CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT, AND WE CAN HAVE MONEY TO DO WHAT EVER WE WANR. I have to call 1960 to get back all these gender streotype people

  • "and I'm organized too"
    are you serious DANIEL? I THINK, Xiumin was on A EXTREME LEVEL THEN AHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Sara KimSeptember 23, 2017

    Why does mostly all Korean husbands think women shouldn't spent as much as money as they do. And why does husbands have to use money for their hobbies and live how they want to but don't allow their wife's to spent for small things.why do they think wife's job is to stay home all day and do what they ask them to do?

  • Alejandra MárquezSeptember 23, 2017

    Uhhhhh what?

  • Angel YixingSeptember 23, 2017

    I've got tears on my eyes at the end. His father is actually kind, he's much like my brother. They're prone to troubles cause they're quite gullible, me and my mom always worried about him mixing with bad crowd. but he's nice. Not many guests would actually admit his wrong and continue being stubborn. I wish the best for this family

  • Angel YixingSeptember 23, 2017

    Daniel: My mom is organised and I'm organized too
    Me: flashback to the time when Xiumin of EXO cleaned all his mess sure boii

  • ミヒョンSeptember 23, 2017

    Wait. Euigeon is organised .. everyone note that down! Change the profile youve written about euigeon quick! Hahahahaha

    The moment he said hes organised it reminds me abt outside the blankets when Xiumin haven't came

  • Martha .WangSeptember 23, 2017

    Daniel said he's organized?! Dude, Xiumin even clean up for your dirty clothes. LOL

  • tinaj .sihaSeptember 23, 2017

    The hosts are superb! They truly are amazing! I wonder if they get any training or any sort of education on counseling.

  • 엑소레래싱September 23, 2017


  • Oppa's NightmareSeptember 23, 2017

    yah!.. kang daniel what is this "I'm organized too" all about.. 😂😂😏

  • sya syaSeptember 23, 2017

    organized ?? hahaha.. don't trying to fooling around daniel ah.. haha .you messy little bunny. aigoo~

  • KaboomzSeptember 23, 2017

    men are trash.

  • RUN AYIESeptember 23, 2017

    Is this the last episode for Choi Tae Joon?

  • Lumu GrgSeptember 23, 2017

    is this really the last episode of taejoon???

  • محمد محمدSeptember 23, 2017

    ‏Happiness and helping people in the religion of Islam, which calls for peace and knows what it really is, can only enter it

  • Fluffy BunniesSeptember 23, 2017

    The father is such a hypocrite 😒

  • III II III ISeptember 23, 2017

    wow starting off strong 170, is anyone going to beat that?

  • Velisiana MSSeptember 23, 2017

    You can buy that casino machine for yourself so u can play it every time u want 😅

  • Kayla WengSeptember 23, 2017

    im happy that they got an actual doctor in this episode for the addiction

  • omsap kumngamSeptember 23, 2017

    โอ้ผู้ชายคนนี้เห็นแก่ตัวมากๆอย่างไม่น่าเชื่อ นี่ละผีพนัน

  • MerasshSeptember 23, 2017

    Giving money as a reward for this problem is pretty ridiculous tho he is gonna play more

  • Nisrina SSeptember 23, 2017

    i think he knows gambling is wrong and he doesnt want his son to be like him..and he knows he need to stop..but cause he is already addicted to it, gambling feel like everything for him and that makes him hard to quit it

  • Laura SetiaraSeptember 23, 2017

    it's so sad that the mother has to save money so much yet the father spends it unreasonably every night 🙁 what a selfish man!

  • Jazel Issa Mae MadrigalSeptember 23, 2017

    Daniel: My mother is organized so I'm organized too,Me: coughs oh really?? 😂

  • jimin you got no jamsSeptember 23, 2017

    well gotta be honest his dad is kinda frustrating i got really mad listening to it but then i realized well he's addicted to it. and when you're addicted you kinda get blinded by it. after the mcs talk to he realized all those, really regret and reflect on himself and he want to change and thats a good thing
    well he totally have to go to an expert tho its not that easy to stop it

  • LoliecSeptember 23, 2017

    I can tell that daniel is missing his family with the way he talks about having memories with family(what am I talking about they ALL do😂)

  • Nita NzomoSeptember 23, 2017

    That woman's face at 3:35 completely describes me watching this show.

  • RadSeptember 23, 2017

    jihoon's eyes look red probably from lack of rest/sleep 😭

  • What a sorry excuse of a man that guy is 🙄

  • Kookies& CreamSeptember 23, 2017

    I hate that husband


    I hate that thing

  • Mia RoseSeptember 23, 2017


  • Hanifah SalsabilaSeptember 23, 2017

    You should send him to a psychologist to help him deal with his addiction

  • inspiritaroha 17carrotsSeptember 23, 2017

    ….and i thought he knew…..and we have minhyun there lol i want to see his reaction to daniel saying hes organised

  • Fariha SayyedSeptember 23, 2017

    Well, if someone like him was at my house, i would just let him rot outside the house in cold without any sweaters on… He better come to his senses the next day. -_- . That poor woman.

  • konnichiwaSeptember 23, 2017

    I'm really glad that they met with an expert for that man's addiction. This is very serious matter. With all those moneys that he wasted, not only he can do some expensive vacation, he also can buy new house for his family.
    btw, daniel, you are quite messy judging by your room in one of the show that you appeared XDDD

  • Mina WillentonSeptember 23, 2017

    This is the most unreasonable concern that I've watched for the past years… 😑

  • Tia RaSeptember 23, 2017

    What a waste of life 😫

  • LeeDonghaeTrashSeptember 23, 2017

    "Daniel is organized" WHUTT?! 😂😂 Don't us Kang Daniel we know it's Minhyun character not you 😂😂

  • LeeDonghaeTrashSeptember 23, 2017

    If I have that money I would have done a Trip to Korea and travel w/ my family while saving up

  • ktaevhSeptember 23, 2017

    Maybe the father is insecure and maybe in denial about his addiction in gambling. He knows it's wrong to gamble but he knows he's in too deep to get out of the addiction. That's why he doesn't want anyone in his family to gamble either maybe because he doesn't want his family to be like him??

  • Anastasia WigunaSeptember 23, 2017

    U uh.. he'll never change. Those stone head as hard as a rock 😦😥

  • Kristle ArvieSeptember 23, 2017

    Kang Daniel, what r u talking about huh HAHAHA

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