The Return of Superman – The Triplets Special Ep.17 [ENG/中文字幕/2017.09.01]


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42 thoughts on “The Return of Superman – The Triplets Special Ep.17 [ENG/中文字幕/2017.09.01]”

  1. the camping scene reminds me of my boss.. she said never put your position in your head and there would be times that you have to set aside your pride.. if you really need help then ask for some help.. it won't make a man less when sometimes you admit and ask for help

  2. Daehan is a shy baby and he still is really attached to his dad. It's really cute to see him sticking to his dad ~ The triplets grew up a lot and I hope Daehan is still a sweet daddy's boy ><

  3. idk how i addicted so much with triplets . I like how their father take care of them . From the first, ilkook knows everything to do as he had done it before . Especially when he is cooking . He makes me amazed ^o^

  4. So happy many viewers on triplets special. i nver missed it from 1st ep. I missed them, They growing up, but I still love watch them even they're big,sad when they left the show

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