The Secret of My Love | 我男人的秘密 | 내 남자의 비밀 – Ep.13[ENG/CHN/2017.10.11]


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21 thoughts on “The Secret of My Love | 我男人的秘密 | 내 남자의 비밀 – Ep.13[ENG/CHN/2017.10.11]”

  1. Seora got into a family from purgatory. She escaped the household from the17th circle of hell. Her mom is crazy, her dad is cold and a crook. Her older sister is nasty in every conceivable way. The family she moved in on is so much nicer and better. They aren't great, buy they are aren't as nasty as her real family

  2. Jaeuk's mom is ruthless but is it weird that I like her? She's just so strong. I actually like all the antagonist women in this show. Seora is gonna have to step the fuck up to compete with them.

  3. Miryeong is a plot distraction there is no way she was the little girl Yeorim hit by the car many yrs ago. More and more Seora is beginning to fit the description, hopefully there are no more swerves, I truly believe Seora was Yeorim as a child.

  4. and like i said yesterday, there is NO WAY miryeong is that little girl. she knows about the accident bc the little girl wasnt just abandoned and left on the streets to wander, a ton of adults came to her aid when she got hit by the bike and she has amnesia (seora) from the bike incident. i dont understand why some random mistress would be the daughter or whyd they give her a backstory and its way too early in the drama for the missing girl to be found. Right after politician wife convo they cut to seora in shorts but we couldnt get a glimpse of her thigh. hint, hint much? Now we have to see seora's thigh to know the truth 😂 this is Bom's mole all over again

  5. i knew assemblyman jin was bad but now i know the extent of his evil. Our revenge seeking politicians wife will take care of him well 🙂 no wonder haerim is as disgusting as she is. seora escaped his wrath by getring hit by that bike and abandoned by haerim, lets hope her suffering ends soon

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