The Secret of My Love | 我男人的秘密 | 내 남자의 비밀 – Ep.45 [SUB : ENG/CHN/2017.12.05]


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15 thoughts on “The Secret of My Love | 我男人的秘密 | 내 남자의 비밀 – Ep.45 [SUB : ENG/CHN/2017.12.05]”

  1. omggg I don't know who I hate more, the bitch behind all of this mess, the needy bitch who's desperate for love from her mother but wants to ruin everyone's else's life bc of it, or the stupid bitch who's jealous of her "sister" getting attention from her patents just bc she's not really her sister, yh i'm looking at you Wi Seonae, Jin Haerim and Ki Daera.

  2. Han jiseope is a real jerk. He is forgetting he is not kang jaeuk. This is so messed up cuz later they gon have to make him apologize to her. My theory is that when he does that sora is going to be with inuk.

    That bitch sister deara really irritates me. How can someone act so dumb. Like she is so annoying. Bitch goes crazy over money. I really dont like her

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