The timid younger brother’s two faces? [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.04]

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  • Flash WestSeptember 14, 2017

    The fact that this isn't a concern pisses me off… If this keeps up, he could get depression….

  • ThunderPlunder101September 14, 2017

    Sure, hate the sibling who gets favorited. What jerks, that happened in my ma's family but she doesnt care about them she tries to treat me equally with my siblings. What a lightweight. What a joke.

  • Maya SamanthaSeptember 14, 2017

    His shirt??? hes sooo cute

  • Mama JeonghanSeptember 14, 2017

    This reminds me of my little 11 year old brother ? I'm only 5 years older than him, but he's very mature. We've been close ever since we were little and I admit I'm not the most responsible older sister, that he always has to look after me — he takes glasses of water for me without me asking, sets up the tv for me, defends me, attempts to learn how to tie my hair and etcetera. He also always offers to do my chores for me and I never get why, but I appreciate him so much even if we tend to irritate each other sometimes. We never argue tho ? We always come to sound agreements and I thank him on a daily basis for always looking out for his immature older sister abwjrkwkfo

  • Janice FongSeptember 14, 2017

    i think they should have actual counselors on this show instead of just people with similar experiences? bc there are people with real concerns which they hope to be addressed and helped with on this show and without proper help, it can actually lead to serious problems in the future, and im sure with real counselors on this show, this program would become way better for people to share their concerns and receive the help they need likE THERES BEEN INSTANCES WHEN I SEE THE PPL ON THIS SHOW BRUSH OFF THE FEELINGS AND PROBLEMS THE GUEST IS DISPLAYING LIKE?? THEY CAME HERE TO GET HELP, NOT TO BE MADE FUN OF SO IF U DONT HAVE ANYTHING HELPFUL TO SAY JUST BE QUIET. ahem. yeh

  • Noelle SungSeptember 14, 2017


  • Noelle SungSeptember 14, 2017


  • clarina3September 14, 2017

    Euiwoong, at least u're different from all the other celebs that think that this is not a concern. Shame on these celebs seriously. Maybe it's because they have never been treated like that but what the heck. I feel so sorry for this 12 yr old kid ;-;

  • Joan WinonaSeptember 14, 2017

    i can't believe the elder sister have a husband and a baby.. she is so immature..

  • puchiko nyuSeptember 14, 2017


  • Fangirl of the FutureSeptember 14, 2017


  • SimbabuuSeptember 14, 2017

    Yknow even they treat him like shit hes still there saying: i wish you showed them more love. That proves that the girl are wrong in ANY way and hes way more mature than they are. Wishing them the best even tho they are shit to him shows real strength

  • some type of k-pop trashSeptember 14, 2017

    Lol i died when is said "you naughy boy"

  • ㅎㅁㅎ

  • BullTrueSeptember 14, 2017

    Why is isis bombing everything

  • GalaxySeptember 14, 2017

    Fuck you sisters

  • Grace RolloSeptember 14, 2017

    That Grandma's love story was obviously just an excuse. They've already mentioned that it felt natural to ask him to do errands and all….

  • Jackie NgoSeptember 14, 2017

    The sisters deadass look like Cinderella's ugly ass sisters. The boy is probably the best looking out of the family. ???

  • This is stupid. They're teasing him and saying it's not a concern and joking around about it. Like wtf? You created this show because you wanted to help people. Not joke about their problems or laugh at them. This is stupid. I used to love this show but the cast is really making me angry now. You're suppose to help him solve the problem not laugh at it. And the sisters are also such piece of shits. Just because he gets more love from their grandmother doesn't give them the right to do that to him. Why didn't the so called counselors say anything about it? Please, GROW THE FUCK UP OH MY GOD. You're treating a 12 year old boy like a freaking slave just because he receives more love from your grandma. How the fuck is that logical? Oh my god. Im so angry right now. And the excuses they say is not even relevant to the problem. Like saying how he's popular at school and him being vice president is all their doing. Please. That has nothing to do with the problem. Please stay on topic and not dodge it. God. The counselors are stupid as well. They're supposed to give advice and help but they're just joking about it and laughing at his predicament. Like, wtf. It's not nice to get treated by a slave every day of your life. These counselors need to start helping people and giving real advice instead of just pressing a fucking button deciding whether or not it's a concern. This show is stupid. Im done.

  • 「мασмι」September 14, 2017

    Just because it's "part of Asian culture" doesn't make it right or okay at all.
    So what if it's part of culture?
    I'm Asian myself and my older sister nor my family does not treat me like that. The most I have to do is help out with chores and get them water but this is mutual. My sister gets me water too and helps me buy stuff when it's convenient for her.

    Learn to not be lazy and stop ordering your younger sibling around. It's okay if it's little things but don't take it too far!
    They are your blood siblings not fucking slaves. This is outrageous.

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